Hello Human Miracle Cream
Hello Human Miracle Cream
Hello Human Miracle Cream
Hello Human Miracle Cream

Hello Human Miracle Cream

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"This is a trusted family recipe that's been used for decades by our breeders on their dogs. We're excited to share this secret with you as the Cream truly works like a Miracle. We've applied this on our dogs to treat hot spots, cuts, scratches and rashes. And the wounds healed overnight. This cream also promotes fur re-growth on healed wounds. Just apply a thin layer and wait for the cream to work its magic. We hope this helps your dogs as much as they have helped ours." - Hello Human


- All-natural gentle ointment proven over decades to provide fast effective treatment for many fur and skin issues on animals.
- Does not contain steroids
- Promotes hair re-growth.


- Shake well before use.
- Ensure affected area is clean and dry.
- Apply a small amount and spread thinly across the affected area. The smell is strong but the product is gentle. Recommended to wear gloves during application.
- Wash your hands thoroughly after application to avoid accidental ingestion or contamination.
- Make sure your pet doesn't try to lick affected area until the cream has dried. It's bitter so they won't try, but it's good to keep a lookout anyway.
- Do not wash off. Re-apply every other day if necessary.
- Suitable for pets above 3 months old.

**WARNING**: Do not ingest. Not for human use. This product provides topical relief and does not qualify as medication. When in doubt, always consult a vet.

Ingredients: Sulphur, Mineral Oil, Pine Oil

Content: 30ml