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Every one of your pets  should have it daily

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BioPreparation is the Super-fuel for your pet's cells

It is our Holy Grail towards the extension of our pet's health and longevity, and forms the crucial foundation on all of our therapy plans at Holistic Animal Health Centre.

Celebrated founder Dr Kiriac spent decades formulating this blend of micro-algae to deliver quality nutrients like none other. Not all algae blends are created the same - BioPreparation was developed at optimal conditions to allow maximum absorption by your furry ones. Case studies conducted over decades have shown countless animals reverse dis-ease with this little green pill. Super-fuel your pet's cells to enable their journey towards optimal health.





Free of herbicides & pesticides

Dr Michael Kiriac  Historical Career

Key Points  Spanning over 50yrs

The Story Of Dr. Kiriac, the creator of BioSuperFood

Pancreatic Cancer begins taking the lives of Kiriac’s family

His grandparents passed away in 1937 before he was even born. Later, he lost his first child, his father in 1964, his sister, his mother, and two brothers. He was distraught. That inspired him to commit his entire life to searching for cures for terrible illnesses like cancer.

Early research earns greater support

Beginning with hundreds of various species of microalgae from throughout the world, Michael Kiriac searches for the algae most beneficial to health. Early success led to Kiriac’s team receiving funding, including financial, personal, and governmental support to carry out experiments. Significant health advantages were shown in over 20 species of animals. This involved hundreds of test groups using different base algae mixes and concentrations both in the lab and on nearby research farms.

Emerging techniques for cultivating algae yield a major discovery

Hundreds of algae and their mixtures will be studied in depth over the next several years. Also, changes to the growing methods and precise control of nutrient content allowed the team to focus on just the four algae in BioSuperFood. This led to quick success with bigger animals and larger test groups.

The largest poultry research project ever carried out

The Ministry of Agriculture extends an invitation to Dr. Kiriac to serve as the division’s head of nutrition sciences. As the focus of Kiriac’s work for the next five years, a one-million egg-laying poultry farm was selected. This major research facility had a Marek cancer pandemic and a low output. The incredible outcome is that Marek disease is completely eliminated and productivity rises by 20% as Kiriac introduces BioSuperFood to the diet.

The Chernobyl Experiment

On April 26, 1986, reactor 1 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded.

Thousands of adults and children were exposed to radiation. Dr. Kiriac was able to do his work locally by giving BioSuperFood to certain victims and observing the algae’s capacities to nourish and regenerate. There was a notable increase in critically low white blood cell count, regeneration of the bone marrow, spinal fluids, blood, and liver, and a 40% drop in the radioactivity of the urine. Many children and adults who received benefits from BioSuperFood are still alive today.

“Algae preparations lowered caesium-137 and strontium-90 and greatly enhanced the evacuation of radionuclides from the human body” -Belarus Ministry of Health (1993)

Dr. Kiriac nominated person of the year

Michael Kiriac wins accolades for Person of the Year in his native Moldova. Most notably for his outstanding contributions to improved productivity and animal health and for operating the most profitable poultry center. The then- prime minister of Moldova and the minister of finance both spoke at the beginning of a 150-minute documentary that was made for the event and shown on national TV.

Saving the pigs and minks in Russia

Kiriac was brought in to help after an epidemic of different cancers decimated the pig and mink herds in Russia. Dr. Kiriac was asked to put together a team and show how BioSuperFood may have an impact.On the chosen farms, the cancer cases decreased after a year, and the outbreaks are now under control.Similar to the poultry farm, there was a measurable 15% increase in productivity, an increase in the number of babies born per litter, and a significant increase in the survival rate.

Cells need to be fuelled correctly so they can do all the work. Todays modern diet for animals lack the overall essential nutrients as a whole to fuel the cells optimally. BioPreparation enables your pet's cells to do just that. Their furry bodies will then be delivered potent antioxidants, essential vitamins & minerals, omega fatty acids and phytonutrients to help them transform their health.

Over time you would experience the transformative power of BioSuperfood as it nourishes your pet from within, igniting a radiant vitality that shines through in every wag of the tail and bounce of the step. This is the secret to your pet's sustainable quality of life.

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