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Discover the world of Health for Futuristic Pets at Animal Health Centre.

We began with a vision of sustainably improving the quality of life for your beloved pets. Utilising the latest innovations in technology with a holistic approach, our highly-trained team of professionals will help detect & manage various issues that may occur throughout your animal’s life. From preventative therapies to post-operative care, recovery & more, we aim to give your animal their best holistic care for a happy, healthy and long pain-free life!"

- Chalene & Messie Hello Human Founders

Holistic Health Physician

Dr Miguel N.Mayta

My desire to help animals started when I was 10 years old. My very first dog was a Pekingese-ShihTzu called Pok Pok and we were best friends - he was a great mental support for me when I got bullied at school. Unfortunately he got bitten by a cobra one day. He ended up dying in my arms because I did not have the knowledge to help him and we lived far away from an animal hospital at that time. I felt so helpless and filled with regret! That was when I decided that all of my pets will not have to suffer again because of my lack of knowledge.

My mission is to give my best care to every animal, because I don’t want any owner to have to experience the same heartbreak as I did.

Dr.Miguel N.Mayta DVM., MSc., MVSC.

Holistic Health Consultant

Santhi Vedagiri

I am an avid animal-lover who’s enthralled by, as the legendary Dr James Herriot would say, ‘all creatures great and small’. Seeing any animal in pain or discomfort doesn’t sit easy with me, which was why I left a thriving career in headhunting and moved to Australia in my late 30s to attend vet school.

I truly believe in the motto that the Holistic Animal Health Centre embodies. You can see this quote by Erasmus in our waiting area, that “Prevention is better than Cure.”, and I believe that it rings true to both humans and animals. The future of veterinary medicine lies in preventative care and to be at the forefront of this in Singapore thrills me.

Santhi Vedagiri BVBiol & Certified Fear-Free Handler, Veterinary Technician

Holistic Health Centre Supervisor

Char Sim

As someone who has grown up with dogs, my days are always brightened by the sight of their wagging tails and warm cuddles. But my love for animals extends beyond just my own pets; it encompasses a deep sense of compassion and empathy for all animals.

My goal at AHC is to see animals big and small feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. I strive to create a nurturing and supportive environment where their health and well-being are our top priorities. Whether it’s through preventative care or simply offering comfort and reassurance to both pets and their owners.

Charlene Sim


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